Don't Have Time to Wash Your Clothes?

Don't Have Time to Wash Your Clothes?

Check out our drop-off laundry service in Yakima Valley and Union Gap, WA

Are you tired of running out of clean underwear? Instead of running to the store to buy a new pack, consider making use of drop-off laundry service from Sunshine Laundromat. Just leave your dirty laundry at our convenient location in Union Gap, WA. Then, whenever your schedule allows, you can pick up your professionally cleaned clothing.

Our comprehensive drop-off laundry service includes:

  • Washing, to get rid of stains and odors
  • Folding, to prevent wrinkles
  • Ironing, to smooth out creases
  • Steaming, to kill bacteria

Want to never run out of clean underwear again? Contact us now to learn more about our drop-off laundry service.

We'll fluff the towels for your customers

Whether you own a gym or a hotel, your business creates multiple loads of laundry each day.

Leave the laundry heaps to the professional crew at Sunshine Laundromat. Many businesses throughout the Union Gap, WA area rely on our commercial laundry service.

Call us today to schedule ongoing commercial laundry service. We'll make sure your towels are spotless for your customers.